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The magical duo of vocalist Janet Lee & Bruce B is a rare find. Just like a fine wine, the memorable tunes of the past and present sound even better today when performed by this duo.

As a singer, Janet Lee's clear, passionate, jazzy voice allows her to sing all types of genres, which include: Contemporary, Jazz, Swing Set, Brazilian, Country and Rock. Bruce B's smooth guitar style is the perfect match for Janet Lee's unique voice. His chords, bass runs and harmonic rhythmic sounds expand the duo's sound to give you the impression you are listening to an intimate jazz combo. You will not want to miss hearing Janet Lee and Bruce B perform.

Dan McGee

Sandy Feldhorn

Tom McIntyre

The Janet Lee and the Dan McGee Three musical quartet was formed to play their rich and diversified repertoire of songs. With Janet Lee on vocals, Dan McGee on bass, Tom McIntyre on guitar and Sandy Feldhorn on tenor sax, flute and percussion, their musical skills blend well together and allow them to cover many musical styles including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Classic Ballads, Blues and Swing standards.


The versatile repertoire of songs spans the entire spectrum of musical styles. This is a great band that can perform for small and large parties, nightclubs, corporate events and special occasions.


This will be great musical entertainment for your next event.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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